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Bikes, Quads & Pitbikes in Caboolture

Off road vehicles are our specialty, and a bit of an obsession. Can you blame us? 
We offer a huge selection of sports vehicles including:
• Bikes from 50cc to 250cc
• Quads from 70cc to 250cc
• Stock buggies for kids and adults
Our staff has hands on experience with all our products and is ready to help recommend the perfect vehicle for maximum enjoyment.

We also offer enough services and accessories to give a caring mum peace of mind. Helmets, riding gear and modifications will keep you safe while cruising on your new wheels, that’s why we offer everything you need to get on the road (or off) and ride. 
Our services

Outdoor vehicles for every budget


200cc buggy
Buggies are great for cruising around on and off road. There are few things better than driving a buggy with the wind in your hair, or maneuvering on some rough terrain for a rush of adrenaline. Here are some facts about our buggies:

  • Buggies range from $1795-$3495
  • We sell buggies for kids and adults
  • Our buggies feature 4-stroke engines
  • Kid buggies are 2 speed and 
    feature reverse
  • Adult buggies are 1 speed and 
    feature reverse


250cc t4
Riding a bike at top-speed is the epitome of freedom, and we are bike fanatics. We want everyone to experience a great ride because we know they’ll fall in love with the feeling, just like we have. Here are our bike facts:

  • Bikes range from $795-$3495
  • We sell bikes from 50cc-250cc,                       including performance bikes
  • All our bikes feature 4-stroke engines
  • We sell both semi-automatic and fully manual bikes


250cc stomper
Quads are versatile vehicles. Sure, you can speed around both on and off the road, but they are also complete beasts when it comes to getting work done. No farm or worksite is complete without the utility of a quad. Here are a few facts about our quads:

  • Quads range from $895-$2995
  • We stock quads from 70cc-250cc
  • All our quads feature 4-stroke engines
  • Automatic, semi-automatic and fully manual are all available
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